Drainage & Sewage Pumps

The LGP series are close coupled, grinder submersible pumps

Variety & Range
  • Flow range: up to 19 m³/h
  • Head range: up to 32 metres
  • Rating: 1.5 kW & 3.7 kW
  • Rated speed: 2900 rpm
  • Features
  • The pump volute shall be of cast Iron of grade FG260 as per IS210/ISO 186 standard with vertical discharge port, grinder type vortex impeller with material of construction cast iron, suitable for pumping liquid up to 50 deg. C.
  • The pumps shall be supplied with in built radial cutter and cutter ring made of corrosion resistant material AISI 440 with hardness of 55-60 Rc.
  • The Pump shall be supplied with double mechanical shaft seal with material of construction of SiC /SiC/Viton/S.S 316 at the pump end.
  • The pump shall be close coupled with dry submersible motor, having class F insulation, IP 68 protection, 2900 rpm, epoxy sealed cable entry, with S1 duty for fully submerged and S3 duty for partially submerged application.
  • All cast iron parts shall be CED (cathode electrode deposition) coated for corrosion resistance with uniform coating and controlled deposition thickness of 20-30 microns.
  • Applicatioons
  • The pump shall be designed for waste water containing solids and fibers from kitchens and toilets usually found in commercial buildings.
  • Used in pressure sewage system.
  • Drainage of waste water from individual residences, apartment, buildings, recreational developments, motels.
  • Transferring waste water of commercial buildings, industrial plants, waste water sampling, small hospitals. Schools, federal, state and local parks’ waste water drainage.
  • To transfer various waste water and sewage.