These are single and three phase, end suction monobloc pumps with portability. These are noiseless pumps and available in stainless steel. This pump features robust construction with chrome-plated shaft for rust protection and long life.

  • Head: 10 to 50 metres
  • Capacity: 3200 to 400 LPH
  • Power Rating: 0.75 kW (1.0 HP)
  • Voltage Range: 180 to 240 Volts single phase, 300 to 440 Volts three phase
  • Applications:
  • Water supply for domestic use in bungalows, apartments, hotels, hospitals, farmhouses etc.
  • Useful in home pressure booster systems, lawn sprinklers, overhead tanks and watering gardens
  • Features:
  • Can withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 180 to 240 Volts
  • Self priming up to 3 metres
  • Thermal Overload Protector (TOP), protects the motor from burning out
  • Chrome plated shaft to avoid rust problem
  • Motor with IP-44 protection and class 'B' insulation
  • Shielded ball bearings - no need for external lubrication
  • Capacitor inside terminal box
  • Available in single as well as three phase